Monday, April 13, 2009

Buttered Bread

Many new vistas have approached our awareness in recent months. The financial and political landscape of our World's enmeshed environments have evolved into new and uncharted territories, seasoned for clean, clear, fresh new creative expansive expression. We so worry about the conditions when in fact there are none, just the self imposed influences and limitations which stimulate us to action. The encouragement is to think of what YOUR NOW IS! To make informed choices and decisions based on the intuitive impulses you feel from within yourself. Give yourself the gift of experiencing the seconds of your LIFE without a plan of action, just a desire to feel better can be of great advantage. ONE YEAR=31,536,000 seconds

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  1. Hey Lady Hattie!
    This is your princess eboni, daughter, friend and confidante. Lovin your blog and you, always.