Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Always Alright

It's always alright. Sometimes the dynamics can raise an eyebrow, it's still alright. In your now which is where you always recognize your choices and make your decisions, it's always alright. Take the time to feel what you are as life flowing through your experiences. A few moments when ever you think upon it focused in ways that brings you JOY. Expression through expansion which comes through experiencing; living LIFE asking and receiving. From your vantage point know its always alright.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Up for the Day

This day give your self a boost. A mentally uplifting tune-up that only requires thoughts. As you prepare to begin your day think about how much you LOVE you and all the wonderful things, places and people you will share yourself with today. Set the stage for a JOY-filled day. Tap into your own reservoir of energies, the spark of your source within you. Feel your self breathe and your heart beat as you consciously connect with the cells and atoms in your body. Let your heart and mind merge, so you can feel your SOUL. Let your SOUL support you as you expand your experience by living your Life connected to your inner expression. Go ahead and be up for the day.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Reminders on Imagination and Intuition

Get into your "SELF." Try imaginative meditation practices that enhance your imagination through stimulating your intuition. If you can change things about your Life what would they be? Imagination deals with physical time as we know it. By relaxing your mind and body as a unit you bring these two great psychic powers (imagination and intuition) to bear. Think of your posture. Do you feel relaxed and at ease? When you do, concentrate on your breathing. Inhale thinking or stating, "I am," and on the exhale "relaxed." After a few breathes pose any query or question you have or want to ask or you would like to be answered. Note the images or thoughts that cross your mind. If you encounter symbols simply ask for explanation pertinent to you. You may find yourself mildly amazed at the accumulated data and reference points you already have about you.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Parts of a Whole

Your body is a wonderful symphony of harmoniously individual parts. They work together to give your consciousness a reference point to call home. They work together without conflict and share data to function as a whole. They do this on your direction as they sense through your physical being the requirements necessary to sustain your body vessel. Don't you love how wonderfully your made? So internally supported by your eternal framework that you function as a whole in this reference space. Calls for a now moment; knowing you are parts of a whole.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Follow the flow of your own energy. Get quiet and feel your Life within the physical vessel you are contained in. Notice how as your chest rises with your inhalations you can feel the gently pulse of your heart. Observe how you feel within. All of your power is right now. From this point you create your own realities. You create them with your asking, you receive them in your flow. Take the time whenever you remember, from wherever you are to be in your flow.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Imagine Intuitively

It so easy to be caught up in the pulse of the moment or the day. So easy to allow the things we hear and see in the media forums to guide our directions for the moment or the day. It's time you choose. Breathe in deeply at your own pace and say as you inhale "I AM, " and on the exhale "RELAXED." When you feel like it, look around in your immediate environment and focus on something else living or moving such as trees, flowers, birds, running water or the sky and listen to the first thing that comes to you as a thought. It could possibly be describing or directing through your imagination events to come within your day. You could call this the beginning of intuitive imagination; only you are purposely attempting to view your own horizons through your own consciousness. After all unless you trust yourself...what's the point? Go ahead and allow yourself to imagine intuitively.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Write Your Own Book on LIFE

If you are paying any attention at all to how you explore your experience while living Life then you could and can write your own story. You never know who it may encourage or inspire to share a new perspective or insight into how we live Life through your telling your story. You may hold a key to the coming new age that is eternally unfolding before us. Take a breathe and observe within it just how much you've experienced. You know so much more then you can remember; which is a good thing when you are living with what you have asked for and ready and eager for more. Go ahead and write your own book on your Life.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Will

You can choose to be what ever you want and reveal it in your experience. You can do this simply by knowing what you want and leaning in that direction. We are all riding the same source energy wave. I say, "I will," enjoy this experience, savor the expansion and be more by my own design. So as you go through your daily moments beware of where, "You will."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's In the Air

All around you is proof of your uniqueness. The composition of every thing around us supports LIFE as we have come to experience it in this time reference. Study away if you wish, dissect, all that then remember the following. YOU are the air you breathe. You are a vital and validated component of the process we call LIFE. Next time you doubt it, know it's in the air.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


If you set conditions for your life you'll have to meet them. Giving yourself the necessary doldrums to do just that remain in the doldrums. Its pass time for change in the form of development along with expanded self awareness. Its time to make your own news, blow your horn and captain your own vessel. If you make no plans you set no conditions and you can go with the flow and everything you want is in the flow. You won't meet-up with the torrents and eddy's that come from your observing and thinking about what it is you do not want that may very well seem to surround you but if you "BREATHE!" and reconnect through that breathe with yourself; you'll feel your source; your own SOUL enjoying the ride without your physical presence enjoying it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

So What IF?

If today you didn't have to plan or restrict your Life because of finances, religion, relationships, geographic location, cultural, political and social restraints or any of the conditions you set for yourself...just what IF? So, Faith without works is dead, maybe the faith is the knowing that what you ask for will be. Maybe, it doesn't include any of the steps you've trained yourself to response to. So what IF, today you choose to look behind the reasons and start choosing for yourself that which you would like to see? So what IF, today you started knowing that you are an important factor in accomplishing creation through your beliefs in ALL-THAT-IS? So what IF?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Best I

Wherever you are is the point of insertion. Identify what you don't want by thinking about what you do want. Take the time to ponder on the truth of your own being by find time to do this with yourself. Be your own best "I."

Getting Closer

Get in to your own flow. Gently allow yourself to feel the motion your living life has caused within you. It is absolutely gratifying to feel and know at the same time your own oneness with the rest of the Universe. To come to know without you and your contribution it can all be very different. Enjoy the ride whenever you feel it and recognize in that instance how close to your source you must be.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


As Life we are so wonderfully made. As a species we don't always get it right. What's right anyway?! You will not be getting it done, for as an eternal being there will always be more. More sunsets and full moons and quiet snowfalls. More forests and beaches and mountains to explore. More and more of you to live and LOVE. Life is suppose to be fun, suppose to hold JOY, suppose to feel good and get better and better from its stance in perfection. When you believe it will be so...Breathe and enjoy your Life. Recognize the moment. Live in the expansion of ALL-THAT-IS, whoever you are, wherever you are, go ahead and co-create whatever it is that YOU are wanting. Help yourself by remembering that you indeed are wonderfully made, that you will not be getting it done and that there is no one right way.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Think and speak about what you want. Be ready and eager for the coming forth of it. Think about the things you Love and watch for them; knowing because you want it and can feel better and better about it, you are opening your own door for the manifestation of it. It's all about you being happy and knowing your JOY. It's all about you inviting it in. Look for the reasons you have just to feel good, find your own happy place and let your Life happen in your right now moment.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Each and Every

Like a gateway, consider this. Allow yourself to accept this moment. What are you thinking? How are you receiving the message your inner "SELF" is sending? Each and every thought, each and every event which you express in your experience expanses creation, a mass of energy reacting through choice. Claim your choice in the moment by simply allowing the deeper relationships within unspoken meanings to have its own life of larger intention. This is the residue of personalized development. Each and every life structure emanates through the thought portal of source.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gentle Data Retrieval

Gentle data retrieval. Allow yourself to dream. Understand what you can and ask for clarity concerning the rest. Breathe while you do this and as the seasons' flows immerse and merge feel within yourself the JOY of the journey and if not start now.