Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Plan for your NOW

Planning for your NOW means knowing what you want! Right now in this moment as you read this, where is the JOY in your living of life coming from? As you take in the data from your surrounding environments and the meaning of what are you feeling? If you feel good remain focused with thoughts of the outcomes and not the steps it takes to get there. The action was the asking. If you can feel good in the moment, the moment of your asking will arrive. However, if you are not feeling well about the circumstances, events and people in your life...well its time. Time to plan for your now right here in this moment and relax into the realness of it. Play at imagining. See it and you in it. Then express to yourself the revealing and that's the way it will be. Trust the evidence within your experience...what are you feeling for and planning in your NOW?

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