Tuesday, July 7, 2009


As Life we are so wonderfully made. As a species we don't always get it right. What's right anyway?! You will not be getting it done, for as an eternal being there will always be more. More sunsets and full moons and quiet snowfalls. More forests and beaches and mountains to explore. More and more of you to live and LOVE. Life is suppose to be fun, suppose to hold JOY, suppose to feel good and get better and better from its stance in perfection. When you believe it will be so...Breathe and enjoy your Life. Recognize the moment. Live in the expansion of ALL-THAT-IS, whoever you are, wherever you are, go ahead and co-create whatever it is that YOU are wanting. Help yourself by remembering that you indeed are wonderfully made, that you will not be getting it done and that there is no one right way.

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