Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Imagine Intuitively

It so easy to be caught up in the pulse of the moment or the day. So easy to allow the things we hear and see in the media forums to guide our directions for the moment or the day. It's time you choose. Breathe in deeply at your own pace and say as you inhale "I AM, " and on the exhale "RELAXED." When you feel like it, look around in your immediate environment and focus on something else living or moving such as trees, flowers, birds, running water or the sky and listen to the first thing that comes to you as a thought. It could possibly be describing or directing through your imagination events to come within your day. You could call this the beginning of intuitive imagination; only you are purposely attempting to view your own horizons through your own consciousness. After all unless you trust yourself...what's the point? Go ahead and allow yourself to imagine intuitively.

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