Monday, July 27, 2009

Reminders on Imagination and Intuition

Get into your "SELF." Try imaginative meditation practices that enhance your imagination through stimulating your intuition. If you can change things about your Life what would they be? Imagination deals with physical time as we know it. By relaxing your mind and body as a unit you bring these two great psychic powers (imagination and intuition) to bear. Think of your posture. Do you feel relaxed and at ease? When you do, concentrate on your breathing. Inhale thinking or stating, "I am," and on the exhale "relaxed." After a few breathes pose any query or question you have or want to ask or you would like to be answered. Note the images or thoughts that cross your mind. If you encounter symbols simply ask for explanation pertinent to you. You may find yourself mildly amazed at the accumulated data and reference points you already have about you.

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