Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's Time

It's time. Time that is to allow your Ego its right filled place in the psychic line-up. The Ego's true job in a metaphysical sense is aid, in the spiritual context it's a guide. Added together aid and guide become organizer. The Ego is the furthers reach your SOUL makes in your physical presence. It is a highly qualified sorter, thus an effective organizer, poised peering both in and out. As you live Life you experience through sensing thus creating and actualizing. By sorting the data and sifting through intellect and reason-what you been taught, weighing them with equal inputs of imagination and intuition-what you feel, we can access our own deep reservoirs of innate knowings. Empowering the sharing and collaboration from within through direct communication with the SOUL you are and give your Ego its just due and rightful place in the psyche's line-up.

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