Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flow To It.

The offering has been to help those that partake help themselves. Its not at all that YOU need it but if you're reading this site you've asked for some clarity and you'd really like that validation to come through your own recognized proofs. Start by looking behind your reasons for more broader perception, located in your own knowing. Be easy and deliberate about accessing innate qualities that bring you a sense of more-ness and betterment based solely on your desires for the environment you experience. Breathe, feeling the air at the tip of your nose or lip surface. Breathe in a clean, clear connection with your inner knowing. As you exhale allow all the angst, anger and anxiety to escape your form and find it filling with the answers you seek. Some sense this as a gentle motion (rocking or swaying); some a stream of eternally powered energies. YOU can attain it by just releasing through your breathe and allowing yourself to flow to it.

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