Monday, August 10, 2009

Nothing to Lose In the Looking Within for You

Finding yourself. How to accomplish this task of course, starts with you. You can not be lost within your self, just misaligned or disconnected and quietness with intended focus reverses that dilemma. Take the time through out your day to see where you're at. Stop and see what's on your mind and use that information to access the routes you have identified as you expand the experience of your calling or purpose. You can make great contact with your core by just paying attention to what's going on in your thoughts. When you find the time through out your day to clear your mind, you allow yourself the freedom of having nothing on your mind for a few moments at any time many times through out your day and this aids with inner connection to your source self. So go ahead, you have nothing to lose in the looking within for YOU.

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  1. Great readings you are truly amazing, I will follow your Blog for more teachings very nice.