Sunday, August 2, 2009

Relax, Breathe and Allow!

Relax and breathe. Allow that which you are thinking at this moment to become that which you intend to experience in this moment. Being in the NOW means right where you are when you give attention toward your thought. There is so much more of you available to you; that part of you which contains infinite knowledge and inexhaustible resources along with eternal energy from whatever you recognize as your source. Think BIG, then BIGGER and then BIGGER still, along the path of your choices and decisions. Create from your thought with a knowing, that from within your own personal universe it is you who is providing to yourself the energy, greatest, JOY, knowing-ness, LIFE, LOVE, PEACE and well being you contain and express as your experience. Get busy creating your own reality with your thoughts. Easy to do, it just takes you. Relax and Breathe and Allow it to be.

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